Graphic, Web and Video Services

Graphic Design

As a freelance designer, I provide graphic design services, company logo design, print, marketing and web design to companies large and small. Whether your a startup company or independent contractor trying to grow your business, or an established corporation looking for a total rebranding, my ultimate goal is to set you apart from your competition and provide designs that gain you customers. And best of all, my design rates are far below agency-standards, which means your marketing budget goes a lot further.

Graphic Design Services:

Logo Design
Business Cards
Corporate Identity
Print Ads
Postcards and EDDM Cards

Billboards and Outdoor Signage
Vinyl Banners
Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Magnets
Tradeshow Booth Graphics
Pop Up Booth Graphics
Tshirt Graphics
Screen printing
Custom Illustrations

UX, UI and Web Design

In the mobile-world today, search engines rank responsive, SEO-friendly websites above all others. But not only do you need a site that is optimized for the search engine bots, you need an online presence that is attractive to the real world user. You need a site that is not only functional and searchable, but also interactive and engaging with the end user. User interface and user experience (UI and UX) is the hidden key in gaining new customers. Developing a cross-platform interface will allow your viewers to engage on desktop, tablets and mobile, allowing for a large reach for your potential target audience. Pairing this with routine blog postings, social media interaction and even online advertising will ensure that your site stays fresh and high on the search engines.

Web Development Services:

Responsive Web Developement
Blog Website
Ecommerce Store
Google Analytics
Google+ Page
Google Places setup
Google Adwords

Facebook Ads
Static Web Banners
Animated Web Banners
Social Media
Facebook Page Setup
Twitter Page Setup
Youtube Page Setup
Linkedin Page Setup
Instagram Page Setup

Video Editing and Production

Sometimes in advertising, producing static graphic designs isn’t enough to reach your potential target audience. That’s where video production comes into play. With so many options today for advertising, creating a promotional video for your website, youtube channel or a tv commercial can be just the trick to capture your customer’s attention. I take your raw footage (or source stock footage when necessary), develop a script and storyboard, edit and animate the full production, incorporate background music where appropriate, and produce a polished, HD video you can use to promote your business or services across any digital platform.

Video Production Services:

HD and 4K Editing
Promotional Video
TV Commercials (from 15-60 seconds/length)
Training Videos
Facebook Ad Videos
Editing and Animation

Streaming Graphics for Twitch, Mixer, Youtube

As an Affiliate Twitch Streamer myself, I know first hand how powerful game streaming can be, and more importantly, how your channel graphics can invoke viewership interactions and subscribers. Whether you are just streaming for fun or trying to become a full time broadcaster, having a professional gaming identity can set you apart for the thousands of other streamers and help grow your channel into a sustainable business model. I create custom chat emotes, channel graphics, stream overlays, and even custom hand-drawn character illustrations for casters across both Twitch and Mixer platforms. While a lot of casters will receive free graphics from some of their viewers, a lot of them tend to look poorly drawn and unfinished. Do not underestimate the power of hiring a professional graphic designer to develop a one-of-a-kind branded identity unique to you. If you’re looking for a serious Twitch Designer or Mixer Designer, or you need some artwork for your Youtube Channel, look no further. 

Video Production Services:

Channel Logo
Twitch Graphics
Twitch Overlays
Twitch Emotes
Streaming Graphics
Mixer Graphics
Mixer Overlays
Mixer Emotes
Social Media Graphics
T-shirt Design
Sticker Design